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What it takes to beat the unbeatable opponent

After a week into Wimbledon, we cannot help but remark on the bizarre twist this memorable tournament has taken. Top seeds like Federer, Sharapova, and Serena Williams are dropping like flies to lower ranked players and one hit wonders. But where do these players find the belief that they can beat the unbeatable? Is it [...]

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The benefits of a short memory

After watching Nadal go down in the 1st round at Wimbledon, it just proves that everybody (even the best) can have an off day. The question is, can he recover quickly after such a disappointing loss? A player may have the fastest serve, most powerful forehand, and be the best in the world, but if [...]

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The best and worst doubles formations

When it comes to doubles, there is one rule we players often drill into our heads--rush the net! An effective strategy? Yes, but is it always the right strategy? No. Charging the net as soon as you possibly can is a common misconception of what's considered 'good doubles strategy'. If the net game is not [...]

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Mental Toughness Tip: Positive Body Language

The key to having positive body language is to get yourself into the right mindset, meaning you want a good attitude that exudes confidence. But come on, we've been in those down and out matches and sometimes the only thing keeping you going is the fact that this ugly match is almost over. We don't [...]

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Odd foods and drinks that will help your tennis game

We all know that bananas and Gatorade are well known court-side foods that will help your game, but there are plenty of natural on and off court foods that many of us have never considered trying that will do the same job. Pickle juice - Relieves cramping. The sodium in pickles help retain essential electrolytes lost [...]

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We get better at what we practice

Tennis is both an individual and team sport. This time of the year we have a lot of you practicing to compete. But sometimes we hear grumbling off the court after a match with players wondering why they can't play like they do in practice.Well we say, you get better at what you practice. So [...]

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Is it a lost point for reaching over the net?

We're constantly faced with many on court challenges, but recently we've seen a lot of fuss over whether it's okay or not to reach over the tennis net. Well there are two answers to this, which is why there has been a lot of confusion over the correct ruling.The first part of the official USTA [...]

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Getting vs. Taking tennis lessons

When it comes to tennis players who are bent on improving, there's a difference between how they motivate themselves during lessons and how they view the improvement process itself. We call this getting vs. taking. There are players out there that spend some time and money to get lessons as the 'be all and end all' [...]

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How to handle a bad line call

Anyone that has played some sort of competitive tennis can relate to a bad line call. Whether it's intentional/ unintentional, occurring on the next court over, or you're the one being interrogated, you have to learn how to handle it with some etiquette. The last thing you want to be known for is "that guy" [...]

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Is your tennis game lucky?

Luck is winning the lottery. In tennis, there is no such luck. When you hear players say "this guy is so lucky" or "how lucky can a girl get," you're listening to those that feel you don't deserve such a point. The thing is you may have thought it was lucky, but you created it!Luck [...]

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