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How to lose graciously

Did you know that if you play this game you are going to have to learn how to lose? There is a difference between losing vs. taking a loss and finding a purpose. In order to improve when you're beginning to play tennis, you are going to have to accept so many losses that it [...]

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What is shadow stroking?

Have you watched players such as Maria Sharapova, NovakDjokovic, or Marion Bartoli shadow stroke? They step back from a point they've just played and they practice a forehand or a backhand, sometimes to an excessive amount. But does this practice of shadow stroking actually work or are they just wasting energy?I think for any top [...]

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Play as good as you practice

Why is it that you can play well in practice or in a lesson and then when you play a match, you play poorly at times?It may be the way you practice or the type of lesson you take. If your practice partner or pro is always hitting the ball back in your strike zone [...]

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The first step to getting better at tennis

I had recently gotten a call from my son Alex, who is playing at Duquesne University, and he wanted to alert me about a Davis Cup match being played against Serbia vs Canada. This summer Alex had a chance to rub shoulders with quite a few ATP ranked players after competing in the $30,000 Cleveland [...]

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When to replace old grommets

You might have strung your racquet to have it returned with a note indicating you need new grommets. Let's be honest, you may be a diligent student of the game and follow suit but most likely you're probably thinking why bother or saying, "I need what?"Grommet strips are what line the top of your racquet [...]

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How to fend off a big server

John Isner made quite a run at last week's Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati before falling to Rafael Nadal in the finals. But in earlier rounds he had to overcome the top seeds in the world, such as Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro by fending them off with his biggest weapon—the serve. [...]

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The secret to staying consistent

There's always going to be those times when a short hiatus is unavoidable whether you're going on vacation, have an injury, or just haven't had the time to play. It's not uncommon to return to the court a little rusty, but with the right strategy in place you'll feel like you never left.Play it slowww. [...]

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How to play with a tournament official

We've had another successful year at the Akron Open thanks to all the players and volunteers who participated. We had quite a few exciting matches filled with fist pumps, dives, and un-returnable winners. However, despite having the majority of our matches running with not so much of a hiccup, there were some courts that had [...]

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Tournament bag checklist

With the Akron Open days away, we wanted to help our competitors prepare for their matches by creating a checklist of necessary equipment/accessories you should have during a tournament weekend. At least 2 racquets - If one string were to break, you'll have a backup ready to go.Water and lots of it - You should be [...]

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5 Misconceptions about tournament play

With the close of Wimbledon and our very own Akron Open around the corner, we can't help but admire what it takes for these players to play in such large scale tournaments--in respect to both levels of play of course. But for many players, they tend to be intimidated by the tournament atmosphere or think [...]

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