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Believing you can beat a seeded tournament player

History was made this last week. A Japanese player Kei Nishikori won the Barcelona Clay Court Championships! Nadal, Ferrer and all the other clay court specialist were out. That is the equivalent to having a Japanese basketball team come to the US and win the NBA Championships! It just goes to show that no [...]

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Your tennis grip guide

It's great to see players experimenting with new grip positions, since it shows us your dedication in wanting to raise your game to the next level. However, too many times we've seen players pick up their racquet, re-position their hand after Googling how to do so, and then expect to hit a topspin forehand exactly [...]

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Switching from indoor to outdoor tennis

This is the time of year when you'll get the chance to play outside and practice. However, the first time out will be a shock to your game because conditions are so different. You'll feel like you've never hit a ball with any power and it'll feel like an eternity for the ball to travel [...]

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How to choose sides in doubles

Have you ever wondered how sides are chosen between professional doubles teams like the Bryan brothers? More often than we care to admit, many of us choose sides based off of our partner's uncaring preference. There's actually a bit more strategy involved than just hoping your partner doesn't want the same side as you. So the [...]

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Pressure of being the best

With the BNP ParibasOpen in Indian Wells, CA drawing to a close, we take a look back at the draw and wonder why so many of the tour's top seeds were dropping like flies. Players such as Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova & Li Na had unexpected losses where we can't help but question [...]

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When to call a foot fault

The foot fault is probably the most dreaded call to make. Sure you have every right to call one if you see an infringement clear as day, however this one little call can open up a whole can of worms because intentional or not you're basically calling your opponent a cheater. Serena Williams was fined [...]

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Cleveland hosts Fed Cup

Cleveland is days away from hosting its first Fed Cup tournament at the Public Auditorium on February 8 & 9th. Cleveland resident Mary Joe Fernandez will be captaining the U.S. women's team which originally rostered famed players Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens until recent injuries. But with the #1 in the world out of the game that [...]

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When to replace your tennis racquet

It might be because you two have been in a long term relationship, or there's been a lot of tension between you both lately. Or maybe it's because you can't help but let your eye wander to the newest models out there. Whatever the reason, you can't help but wonder if it's time to buy [...]

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How do you know if a tennis ball is bad?

We see it all the time. Whether you're a professional or just your average player, we are all prone to testing our tennis balls to see if they're any good. But what exactly are we looking for? How do we know when a good ball goes bad?There are a number of ways on how to [...]

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How to become a better competitor

Despite a lot of talk about notions of self-respect and respect for others, it has been said that players don’t always necessarily display a suitable attitude toward their peers. Here is where the balance is--you have to be able to express how you feel, but it’s equally important to take into account the feelings of those around [...]

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