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How to create a winning tennis team

It's been a few weeks since our last post, but all for good reason. With a busy fall USTA season winding down as well as one of our own, Natalie Aleman, recently getting married, we want to take a moment to congratulate our 6.0 Mixed 40 & Over tennis team, who just returned from a [...]

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Top 5 stretches you can't play without

How many times do you get off the court only to realize you forgot to stretch? Stretching is absolutely key to preventing an injury, encouraging elasticity and flexibility and most important, helping you become a better tennis player. We know it's unrealistic to ask you to stretch every little muscle we use while hitting, so [...]

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Why do tennis players grunt?

One of the most common complaints about tennis, especially during featured tournaments like this past US Open is, “What’s with all the grunting?", "Why must they grunt so loud?”, and for non-tennis players (like my husband) who say the real reason they don’t like tennis is because, “the grunting is so incredibly distracting.”We get it, [...]

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Towpath review of Jimmy Connors' "The Outsider: A Memoir"

The Outsider: A Memoirby Jimmy Connors (HarperCollins, 2013)Book rating:A reader may wonder if behind Connors’ bad-boy outsider persona is the underpinning for the tiresome and sometimes gratuitous expletives that frequent these pages. Having said that however, how can you not like a guy who loves his family, fierce competition and yes, loves, really loves dogs? [...]

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5 Best ways to reuse a can of tennis balls

Are you overwhelmed with cans of tennis balls stashed in the back of your closet, the trunk of your car, or milling around the floor of your garage? We understand you're not a tennis ball hoarder, you just don't want to toss it yet when it's still in decent condition. If you're wondering what to [...]

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Summer tennis and signs of heat exhaustion

'Tis the season of the Akron Open Championships, the largest adult USTA-sanctioned tournament in Northeast Ohio! This year we celebrate 10 years of competitive tennis with over 180 players competing this weekend at Towpath Tennis Center and Hyre Park in Ellet. We applaud those that brave the unpredictable summer conditions that affect us every year [...]

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My Title IX

It’s 1966 – The Independence High School (Ohio) yearbook presents its senior class numbering 138, 66 males and 72 females. Let’s look at some of the activities listed under graduating senior Barbara Kraley’s name: Latin Club, National Honor Society, school newspaper, concert choir, GAA (Girls’ Athletic Association), and modern dance. See anything missing? No [...]

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Towpath review of Novak Djokovic's "Serve to Win"

Serve to Win: The 14 Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence  by Novak Djokovic (Zinc Ink, 2013), Forward by William Davis, M.D. Book Book rating:“…I have a very simple diet: vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, and fruit. Most of the food is natural and hasn’t been processed.” This pretty much sums up tennis superstar Novak [...]

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How to beat junior tennis players

These days we're all too often finding ourselves across the net of opponents who are fresh out of high school or college. And if your first thought is 'oh crap', then you're already falling into their hands. Nobody's jumping for the chance to play some kid doing high kicks at the baseline, but you should [...]

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How to treat common tennis injuries

Have you ever walked off the court with that familiar twinge in your back, knee, shoulder or elbow? Strains and sprains can be a huge pain, but they're just as common as finding a dead ball. They're just apart of the game, but the worst thing a player can do with a tennis injury (or any injury [...]

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