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How to communicate with your doubles partner the RIGHT way

In honor of our 3.0 40 & Over Men's USTA team competing at Nationals this month, we wanted to tie in how vital communication is in doubles and how to create a winning method. Communication with your doubles partner is by far one of the most critical components of succeeding together as a team. Whether [...]

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Quick Fixes for Tennis Strokes

We all know the feeling. We’re shanking our forehand long, hitting serves into the net, and it feels like nothing we do is working. We start questioning our game that we’ve worked so hard on and begin to doubt ourselves. However, even though it may not seem like it, everyone has those days where everything [...]

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New Tennis Rackets for Spring 2016!

With the start of a new year, comes a new line of rackets from some of the most popular dealers from around the world! Starting with the new Babolat Pure Aero line all the way to the club exclusive Wilson Ultra XP’s, these rackets are sure to enhance the level of play for anyone who [...]

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Was Venus and Serena's US Open match staged?

The story could not have been written better. One of America’s favorite sibling athlete-duos squaring up against each other in the quarter-finals of the biggest tennis tournaments in the country, the US Open. On Tuesday September 8th, 2015, Venus and Serena Williams faced off against each other for the 27th time at Arthur Ashe Stadium [...]

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The Williams sisters revive their sibling rivalry at Wimbledon

Playing against your sibling plain sucks! So it may not be all bad, but it sure has it's sucky moments. Watching the Williams' sisters come head to head at this year's Wimbledon (which unfortunately was a bit anticlimactic), made me reminisce about the good ole days when these legendary meetings against the sisters were essentially [...]

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How to win on clay courts

It's the end of another exciting French Open where as expected underdogs, such as Lucie Safarova and Stan Wawrinka, rose among a sea of upsets by defeating past Open Champions, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer, along the way to the finals. Even the domineering Serena Williams struggled to fight for the title on the red [...]

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Common tennis foot issues & home remedies

Painful? Sometimes. Embarrassing? Yes. Uncommon? Absolutely not! People of all walks of life will experience many problematic foot issues. Unfortunately for us athletes we're more prone to them because we're sweating in our stinky shoes for long periods of time. But have no fear, we want to help you find remedies for the most common [...]

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Weird tennis rules and match scenarios

Have you ever been in a middle of a match when something so off the wall happens where both you and your opponent wonder, how do we rule this? Well we've experienced a handful of these odd-ball scenarios and have the USTA sanctioned rulings on each of them to keep you on your toes and [...]

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Newest tennis racquets of 2015 and why they're so awesome

The winter season has always been a busy time for racquet purchases-why you ask? It's the perfect opportunity between the busy high school, summer and USTA seasons to demo a racquet and get comfortable handling it before matches start up again. Also, there's something about the new year that always gets players in the mood [...]

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How to finish strong and win in tennis

Many a times you find yourself ahead in a match only to see it squandered away after thinking you had it in the bag. If this is a pattern or an entirely new challenge you're facing, you're not alone! Even the best pros on tour find themselves in total control of a match only to [...]

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